Our Approach

How we get YOUR BUSINESS READY for money!


We train entrepreneurs to understand the building blocks of business financing that contribute to business success and growth with the involvement of key industry players from banks, insurance companies, venture capital firms, angel investors, microfinance and microcredit organisations and other relevant individuals and organizations.


To make entrepreneurs and businesses credit worthy and investment ready, we undertake general business assessments and review of their business structures, plan and operations aimed at positioning them to attract needed financing.

Monitoring & Referral

We ensure that our training, positioning and referral produce the required outcomes. This is done through post assessments and constant beneficiary engagement and follow ups.

With a solid database of sources of financing and other key industry players, we are able to make referrals by matching entrepreneurs and business to appropriate sources of financing.

Our Programs

Tailored Programs that enhances your business
growth and enables you to reach all your financial goals!



This is an annual initiative aimed at being the most resourceful business and personal finance, investment and insurance expo in Ghana. It is a one stop shop for all organizations that provide debt and equity financing, investments, insurance and innovative payment platforms for businesses and individuals.



This is an annual conference on funding for African Businesses. It features speakers and professionals from traditional financial institutions, impact financing organisations, venture capital firms, donors and insurance and pension firms to expose participants to various funding sources, requirements and regulations.


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