Why TANOE Capital Exists!




TANOE Capital Access Support Program is an initiative by The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) as part of its Entrepreneur & Business Support Intervention to equip Startups & SMEs to be Credit-Worthy & Investment-Ready through the provision of the following:

  • Access to Relevant & Accurate Information
  • Tailored Capacity Building
  • Financial & Investment Literacy Training
  • Book Keeping & Accounting Support
  • Investment Promotions & Investor Matching
  • Corporate Governance & Structure Building
  • Financial Planning & Reporting
  • Research & Access to Finance Directory Publication
  • Accountability Systems Implementation
  • Due Diligence & Financial Performance Audit Support

TANOE Capital is passionate about building globally competitive & sustainable indigenous African businesses to create jobs and enhance economic growth.


To enhance the capacities of a 10,000 Businesses to enable them to attract and adequately utilise traditional and non-traditional financing options to grow and create jobs by 2025.


To enhance the capacities of a 10,000 Businesses to enable them to attract and adequately utilise traditional and non-traditional financing options to grow and create jobs by 2025.


TANOE Capital focuses on the following areas:

Access to Relevant & Accurate Information

TANOE Capital provides curated relevant and accurate business financing information which guides businesses to establish systems and structures to enhance efficiency and promote consistent growth. We also produce resources and tools that help businesses and entrepreneurs to build resilience and capacity.

Tailored & Regular Capacity Building

We provide consistent training, coaching and mentorship opportunities to entrepreneurs and businesses to enhance their capacity and their operations. Through our training programs, participants are equipped with the requirements of funding agencies and how to position their businesses to attract consistent financing.

Financial & Investment Literacy Training

Through this, we are able to enhance the ability of individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal and business financial management, budgeting, saving and investments.

Book Keeping & Accounting Support

We support entrepreneurs and businesses, through various collaborations, to properly record, on a daily basis, their company’s financial transactions and maintain proper accounting systems to enable them make accurate and timely operating, investing and financing decisions.

Investment Promotions & Investor Matching

TANOE Capital consistently builds and maintains accurate investor databases and relationships and matches entrepreneurs and businesses to investors globally.

Corporate Governance & Structure Building

TANOE Capital conducts corporate governance audits on companies and provides them tools, resources and capacity building to build their systems and structures to enhance accountability and operational efficiency.

Financial Planning & Reporting

We work with businesses to determine how they will afford to achieve their strategic goals and objectives by examining the various activities, resources, equipment and materials needed over specific time frames. Through this, we develop tailored financial plans and generate accurate and timely quarterly and annual financial reports.

Research & Access to Finance Directory Publication

Annually, we conduct research and publish an ‘Access to Finance and Business Support Directory’ which gives entrepreneurs and businesses adequate information on sources of finance and business support services.

Accountability Systems Implementation

Accountability Systems are a key mechanism for achieving good corporate governance outcomes, as such, we support entrepreneurs and businesses to establish effective processes for monitoring, analysing and improving their performance on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Due Diligence & Financial Performance Audit Support

TANOE Capital works with individuals and businesses to perform Due Diligence and Financial Performance Audit on businesses to confirm facts and examine any financial, legal or operational risks.


We will help you stay on top of your income and expenses. Your financial wellbeing is our top priority! We will bring together all of the financial resources you would need to take your business to the next level.


Our Approach


We ensure that our training, positioning and referral produce the required outcomes. This is done through post assessments and constant beneficiary engagement and follow ups.


With a solid database of sources of financing and other key industry players, we are able to make referrals by matching entrepreneurs and business to appropriate sources of financing


We train entrepreneurs to understand the building blocks of business financing that contribute to business success and growth with the involvement of key industry players from banks, insurance companies, venture capital firms, angel investors, microfinance and microcredit organisations and other relevant individuals and organizations.


To make entrepreneurs and businesses credit worthy and investment ready, we undertake general business assessments and review of their business structures, plan and operations aimed at positioning them to attract needed financing.


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